Bloemen (ongoing)

Saying something "through the flower" or "saying it in a flowery way" is a figure of speech intended to express the careful, friendly practice of criticism - often in figurative allusions. The flowers are a self-portrait. Not a picture of my face or body, but of my personality - through the flower. So I can represent every phase of life with this work. Through the flowers I can express my character, my essence, the many facets of the same, which would come on a single portrait only incompletely to the validity. From the choice of plants, the arrangement, the lighting, the determination of the background in front of which they appear, the staging to the implementation - everything is done intuitively. The medium of photography allows me to use the language of images to create a bouquet of flowers full of characteristics. In this phase of life, they are small delicate personalities, childish and fragile, mimosa-like, restless, direct, dynamic and factual. The work will be finished when I photograph withered flowers. The confrontation with my own identity and this brief moment of blossoming and withering I archive myself in this way forever.