Herr der Dinge / Masters of Things

Of all the motives that move people in their innermost being and make them act, there is hardly one that does not have its origin in collecting. By accumulating and presenting things of the most varied kinds, people gain orientation and not only live out their passion, but also their vanity and their drive for power. Objects have always been selected and accumulated, whether to use or purely observe, and information has always been collected so that it can be shared or facilitate decision-making. But it is precisely in an age when information is gathered to increase capital that Caroline Heinecke spurred on to depart from this trend and turn her attention to collections that seek to represent the supposedly useless.

144 Pages
Artist Edition of 100
118 pictures
220 x 325 cm
Design by Miriam Waszelewski & Maj Mlakar

40,- EUR
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